You'll be presented 10 questions out of different categories.

Questions range from answering what output a certain block of code would produce to just fact-checking.

There is no time limit, so no stress.

You can go back at any time during the test. So you don't need to supply an answer immediately and you can correct an answer when you've already moved on.

While I certainly can't check it, it 'd be nice if you participated without looking up the answers on the big old internet. What would the point of taking this test be otherwise?

Found some errors? Wish to expand on something? You'll be given the opportunity to supply feedback at the end of the test.

Press 'Next' to start with the first question.

Good luck!

You scored %AMOUNT_CORRECT% out of 2.

Thank you for participating in this test!

If you like, you can supply your twitter-handle down below. We will use this in our leaderboard and in our tweet in which we state that you participated and your score.

You can leave your e-mailaddress so we can send you the results by mail as well. In this mail will be the questions, your answers and the correct answers along with a short description why this is the correct answer.

Both these values are optional.

Twitter handle, we use this for the leaderboard and to mention you on our twitter account
E-mail address, so we can send you the results

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